Alaska Wonders

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Sjanet and Ina
agosto 22, 2015
On Tuesday 10-01-2018 we went on a 3 hour tour on the catamaron. We left at 10;00 because we were told that the dolfins and wales were the most active in the morning. Within 15 minutes we saw a large pot of dolfins, between 50 and 100 animals. Absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed seeing them for as long as possible. Later in the morning we were so lucky to see some pilot wales too. The sun was shining, the catamaron was half full, so plenty of space, free drinks and a sandwich and a very nice crew. We bought a stick with a lot of photo’s and a video of that morning, made by a professional photografer and more beautifull photo’s of Tenerife he made during some years. All in all, a perfect day which was the highlight of our (too short) holiday. I can absolutely recommend this trip.

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