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Freebird Catamaran Come and see the Whales and Dolphins





Schedule 9:40 and 12:40

Freebird Catamaran is the Nº1 of the trips to see whales and dolphins in the south of Tenerife normally we have two departures a day of 3 hours at 9:40 and 12:40 the tour coast of Bar free and Sanwich to eat

Schedule 12:40

Frebird Catamaran Offers the best valued tour that you can find of 4.5 hours Departures at 12:40 that will take you to the cliffs of the Giants where you will find the BEST VIEWS that never found them is elgo only impossible to explain with words you will have to prove it for yourself

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Frebird Catamaran, you can make a Private Charter just for you and yours have the best catamarans of all Tenerife ask us for information, we will ask you for the day and the type of trip of 4.5 hours or 3 hours to be able to make a budget for you

The Nº1 to See Whales and Dolphins in Tenerife

With our Catamarans you can enjoy a great adventure in the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying whales and dolphins in their natural life, since our experience of many years we have learned which are their costrumbles and areas where they can be found, our priority is the conservation of the environment environment and take great care in the places where they are

3 Hours Trips

4,5 Hours Trips

Freebird Catamaran has for you two types of trips one of 3 hours that includes: Sandwich ham, cheese, and ham and cheese.
VEGETARIANO = tomato sandwich We have Normally we have tour departures at 9:40 and another at 12:40 every day from Monday to Sunday

Freebird Catamaran has for you two types of thrips other than 4.5 hours that includes: Chicken, Canarian potatoes (crumpled potatoes), coleslaw and tomato and bread salad.
VEGETARIANO = you change the chicken for a potato omelette (normally), the rest of the things you can eat.

Very IMPORTANT ONLY y in the 4.5 hours TRIP we reach the Cliffs of the GIGANTES


Book the best catamaran excursion on the island of Tenerife with stops for bathing, great views, food, and refreshments included during the entire excursion.

What do our Customers Say? Catamaran Excursion Views

Lynette Berkelmans

The truth is that I thought it would be another old but many that are offered in Tenerife but from the first moment the staff that attended me was very attentive and kind the Lord: Angel and heran 2 o’clock in the morning and if they work 24 hours they attended me and I made the reservation to mention that the trip of 4.5 hours has never seen so much wonder in the Cliffs of the Giants is something IMPRECIONANTE I really recommend it that it may seem that I write to please but they did not anticipate me and I had a great time and my spectacular family

4,5 Hours Trips

Patric Muscat

Not all the companies that I have visited also work next to the client, the person who took care of us is very kind Angel and always in contact with us at all times thanks so keep working hard for me perfect part. The recommendations I thought they would be all lies but to try the tour and the service provided that if it is true is something that missed much customer attention not only sell but the service after buying thank you I recommend

Canary island booking, PR. Team

hola hice la reserva por internet y doy las gracias a Ángel por su profesionalidad y simpatía. saludos.

Yannick le Talec, Footballer

Trato excelente por parte del personal ..muy buena comunican por teléfono! Solo falta probar la experiencia..

Juan Mi Martín, Dentist
Some of our conditions

Excursion in catamaran in the South of Tenerife

  • What do we do in the catamaran ride?

    The catamaran trip in the south of Tenerife begins with boarding in the port depends on your tour normarmente at 9:40 or 12:40 in Playa de las Americas Puerto Colon to enjoy for 3 or 4.5 hours of the pleasure of Surf enjoying the spectacular vellesa of Tenerife south while relaxing on board sunbathing and enjoying the views.
    Our trip will take us along the coast, where we will make a stop in its crystal clear waters to swim, snorkel, approach the coast if possible, sunbathe in the catamaran's nets and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.
    Then it will be time to enjoy a tasty meal that is included in this catamaran excursion. Lunch consists of 3 hours tour: Sandwich, ham, cheese, and ham and cheese. VEGETARIANO = tomato sandwich
    Food 4.5. Hours: Chicken, Canarian potatoes (crumpled potatoes), coleslaw and tomato and bread salad. VEGETARIANO = you change the chicken for a potato omelette (normally), the rest of the things you can eat.
  • What's included in the price?

    The price of the tour includes the catamaran journey, food, drinks (water, soft drinks,beer,etc) during the whole trip and travel insurance. We also have transportation from hotels
    Transportation to the point of departure: the price includes transportation to the point of departure, we have a round trip pick-up service at the hotels in the southern zone (not all places) to the port. From the hotels south of Tenerife, and return to the hotels from Puerto Colon. After booking, we send you the contact information to reserve the transport if you wish.
    You can also come with your vehicle and park in the port there is unparking payment but very economical where you can leave your car just 10 meters from our boat
    We have included the Snorkeling Material: If you wish you can make your swim in the catamaran your mask and snorkel tube to enjoy the tour and your vacations.
  • Starting point:

    The departure point of the tour is confirmed to the client after making the reservation when he will receive: an email with the reservation information, which you can print or carry on your mobile or tablet on the day of the activity. an email with the information of the meeting point and the start time of the tour.

  • What is not included in the price?

    In the price is not INCLUDED any section that does not appear here in the terms and conditions